The Author

Jack Carlow has held influential management positions in many small and large companies. He’s consulted with and motivated hundreds of businesses to grow and prosper, and, today,  his firm is recognized as one of the leading small-business consulting firms in the United States. He holds a degree in engineering and an MBA.

Raised as a Catholic in a loving home with several siblings, he attended weekly Mass and confession when young. His Irish-Catholic upbringing and parochial school education gave him insight into religion and God.

As he grew older, questions and doubts emerged. He witnessed family and friends die due to lack of proper medical treatment as a result of their religious beliefs. With little active thought, things stewed in his mind, processing subconsciously, altering long-held opinions and beliefs.

Raised by his parents to think creatively, inquisitively, and independently and trained in engineering school to think logically, he began his search for the meaning of religion and God. The result is this book, which takes the reader logically and easily from belief to questioning to nonbelief.

Get your copy today! Click here.

Get your copy today! Click here.